Georgia EmpowerMEnt

Nothing about us, without us.

EmpowerMEnt was founded by former and current foster youth in Georgia who are working with community leaders to change the foster care system. EmpowerMEnt’s motto is "Nothing about us without us," and our primary goal is to equip youth to be proactive in shaping both their present and their future. EmpowerMEnt is a part of the Georgia Youth Opportunities Initiative, a state-wide, public-private, youth-adult partnership working to improve outcomes for youth transitioning from foster care.






​$$Helping You Plan Your Journey To Financial Freedon$$


It is that time of the year again, SURVEY MONTH. If you have not taken your IDA survey please contact Dyonne Miles, so that you can remain in the program, get that free money, and have a chance to win a $100 gift card of YOUR choice :) 


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Just A Reminder:

Webinars are held 3rd Tuesday of each month!(unless otherwise noted). 
Check out the bottom of the email to see how you can win cash before the Holidays (Current Youth in Care)



January 2019 ILP Workshop Calendar


Click the link https://youtu.be/EOG7Ybe0MgM for sign-up directions

Georgia TeenWork Internship Program



17th Annual Prom -A- Palooza